Why mathematics is compulsory in school?

Absolutely! Mathematics is the compulsory as it’s a language that science is written. You can’t do science without mathematics. But this is not the only reason why mathematics should be compulsory for children. Without mathematics you can’t be very functional in economy and society. Mathematics is also a way of thinking, using abstract thinking to solve problems, depending on your common sense and logic.


Mathematical thinking is important for all people of a modern society as a habit of mind for its use in the workplace, business and finance and for personal decision-making. Mathematics is fundamental to national prosperity in providing tools for understanding science, engineering, technology and economics. It is crucial in public decision-making and for participation in the knowledge economy. As we can say that mathematical is interesting, develops the mind, underpins the study of other subjects, is a necessary component of many jobs, is necessary to be a successful citizen, it is historically of great significance and finally it is unique amongst human intellectual development.

In school level, mathematics should be compulsory. But the aim of mathematics curriculum should not be to make mathematicians to all. It should be mathematics literacy with application in daily life. Mathematics gives the necessary foundation required in other school subjectsdue to the indispensable of mathematics in the society. The structure of mathematics is such that it is all embracing and serves as the desired tool used for human development. The mathematics education detects virtues like patience, perseverance, diligence, accuracy, rationality and intelligence in students even at young age. This is energetic information for any modern society. Therefore some amount of mathematics education should be compulsory.

A quotation about math;”A great teacher makes hard things easy.” So it also depends on teachers that how they can help children to choose and learn mathematical as it is compulsory in their daily lives. For this, first we must provide them “great Maths Teacher Sydney​“. We must teach them. Our education systems must be revised and improved. Otherwise this remains random and some students will be lucky enough to have a great teacher but others will not. So it’s really depends on their math’s teachers.

We can say that mathematics as a subject, is very necessary that it be mandatory in all phases of general education and university do not believe that there is a country wants to progress. Mathematics a compulsory subject in educational systemand it is important that the educational content of the mathematics curriculum be suitable for the level of age of the learner. Well, Mathematics should be compulsory especially at primary and high schools. Many people later in life who didn’t do mathematics regret it. As in the modern world, you can’t do anything without at least a basic knowledge of mathematical skills.”

So, your children should learn the basic knowledge of mathematics as this will help them in their future lives when they are professionals and will be able to compete in modern era.

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